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10 x Boutique Hotels Den Bosch

The best, romantic design boutique Hotels in Den Bosch, in the city center and at the Tramkade.

Bossche Kraan Hotel Den Bosch
© Bossche Kraan Hotel

Hotel De Bossche Kraan is a "hotel exceptionnel" in every sense. An unforgettable place for anyone who wants to enjoy a romantic night away. A special and romantic hotel with a luxurious double room. Spend the night in a historic hoisting crane on the banks of the Dieze River at the Tramkade, where industrial charm meets bustling Den Bosch.

Bossche Suites No. 2 Hotel Den Bosch
© Bossche Suites No.2 Hotel

Hotel Bossche Suites No.2 has 10 luxury hotel rooms at 2 locations in the center of Den Bosch, the location Stationsweg 2 and the location Verwersstraat 23a, one of my favorite shopping streets. Each suite also has a fireplace.

Boutique Hotel de Blauwe Pauw Den Bosch
© Boutique Hotel De Blauwe Pauw

In the center of Den Bosch you will find Boutique Hotel de Blauwe Pauw, where every detail contributes to a unique stay with homely hospitality. Each room is decorated with an eye for detail and style.

Hotel The Den Den Bosch
© Hotel The Den

Hotel The Den in Den Bosch, located in the Paleiskwartier has beautiful rooms with nice city views. Besides hotel rooms, you can also enjoy delicious food at Restaurant & Bar The Den on the first floor. If you want to go higher up, enjoy fine-dining and delicious cocktails on the 9th floor at rooftop bar & restaurant Current.

The Duke Boutique Hotel Den Bosch
© The Duke Boutique Hotel Den Bosch

The Duke Boutique Hotel is a premium boutique hotel in the center of 's-Hertogenbosch, next to St. John's Cathedral and in the middle of the famous Korte Putstraat, a street full of restaurants. At The Duke Hotel you will find 17 rooms and suites with a nice combination of Scandinavian design and Parisian chic.

The Little Duke Hotel Den Bosch
© The Little Duke Hotel Den Bosch

Little Duke Hotel is the young and creative hotel concept of The Duke Boutique Hotel. Located right in the center of Den Bosch opposite the Central Station. Little Duke Hotel has 16 rooms, each with its own character. The fun CoffeeLab is located on the first floor the building and offers a delicious breakfast for their guests.

Boutique Hotel 't Keershuys Den Bosch
© Boutique Hotel 't Keershuys

The small boutique hotel 't Keershuys has authentic elements combined with a hip and luxurious interior. 3 beautiful rooms and designer suites can be booked with a culinary package. At Bistro 't Keershuys you can dine deliciously with cocktails, but also go for breakfast or lunch.

Kaserne Boutique Hotel Den Bosch
© Kaserne Boutique Hotel

A small boutique hotel with 8 rooms. Delicious food at the Grand Cafe. The Greenhouse is an insane location to rent for large groups.

Boutique Hotel Ryders Den Bosch
© Hotel Ryders Den Bosch

This NEW boutiqe hotel is located on the old barracks site Fort Isabella on the green edge of 's- Hertogenbosch. There will be 30 rooms. Open from February 2024.

Uilenburg Boutique Hotel Den Bosch
© Uilenburg Hotel

If the list of the best boutique hotels in Den Bosch isn't long enough. At Hotel Uilenburg in the center of Den Bosch with the nice hospitality of the Uilenburg with cafe Reinders around the corner.



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