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The best vintage, brocante and industrial shops

INothing makes me happier than a good treasure hunt. I just love sifting through a shop of odds and ends, vintage design, brocante and industrial furniture shops, looking for something wonderful. Not knowing what to expect just makes everything you do find feel like a special treat.

It is about finding that one item with a story you don't know about which for you becomes a new story and memory. There is a certain charm to these old finds, these wonderful treasures.

Here you'll find a curated list of the best and most beautiful vintage, brocante and industrial design furniture shops in the Netherlands. The crème de la crème. The pearls, the (not so hidden) gems, the caves, the "I want everything" shops. You can thank me later :)

The best vintage, brocante and industrial shops Noord-Brabant

Bijzonder Oud - Bijzonder oud is a cute little store with a webshop and sells beautiful brocante and home accessories and other french items. Kromstraat 7, 5341 JA Oss

Brocante bij de Kerk in Moergestel - Bij Brocante bij de Kerk you will discover nice antique and brocante second-hand items. Several sellers sell their items with a shop-in-shop.

Raadhuisstraat 1, 5066 AP Moergestel.

Gezellige Meuk - Walhalla for brocante lovers. Open Thursday- Sunday. Check their Instagramfeed. Voorste Heusden 10, 5725 AC Heusden Gemeente Asten

Gusj Market - A cool bohemian furniture shop selling new and vintage items. Worth to take a peek inside. In between restaurant Radio Royaal and The Pastry Club, around the corner from Het Ketelhuis.

Loods 040 - A cool and quirky vintage, industrial design and antique shop. This massive building is full with retro furniture, lamps and recently also clothing.

P!MPT Oud en Nieuw Pop-up Store - A popup store with secondhand vintage and brocante stuff. You'll also find new products. There is also an outlet in Rosmalen.

Vintage Brabant - Be inspired by this beautiful large store in an old warehouse in Oudenbosch full of brocante, antiques, curiosities and vintage furniture, accessories and clothing. 1000m2 of vintage items. Wow!

Havendijk 10a, 4731 KX Oudenbosch -

Gusj Market Eindhoven
P!MPT Oud en Nieuw Pop-up Store Den Bosch

The best vintage, brocante and industrial shops Gelderland

De Oude Kwekerij - 28 stores under one roof. Here you shop 2500m2 of Brocante, Country, Industrial and Vintage furniture and other lifestyle items. Bijsterbosweg 6, 8161 NE Epe

Oldskool Vintage - Selling very cool Danish vintage design furniture in a 1500m2 showroom. Message them on Instagram or Facebook for the address which is in Kerkdriel (not Den Bosch) -

Woodstock Wonen - For all lovers of used furniture, lamps and more. The flea, antique, vintage, industrial and old design items are for sale and for rent. Wintersoord 5, 6511 RP Nijmegen -

Oldskool Vintage Danish design furniture

The best vintage, brocante and industrial shops Limburg

Bestwelhip - A vintage shop of 1000m2. Do we need to say more? Groenseykerstraat 41B, 6161 SE Geleen -

Gasterij de Koffiemolen - This place got it all, nice staff, good coffee and cake and an amazing vintage and brocante store. The best bit about it is that its not in the tourist part of town. A true little gem. Sint Pieterstraat 4, 6301 DR Valkenburg -

Gasterij de Koffiemolen Valkenburg

The best vintage, brocante and industrial shops Amsterdam

Van Dijk & Ko - Sizable warehouse displaying restored antiques & repurposed retro home furnishings & decor in Amsterdam Noord. Papaverweg 46, 1032 KJ Amsterdam -

© Van Dijk & Ko
© Van Dijk & Ko

The best vintage, brocante and industrial shops Zeeland

Antiek Key - Another cute antique vintage shop, just off the market square in Groede. No website - Groede

Ferini - Please don't tell anyone else. This is a hidden Aladdin cave with lots of cool vintage and second hand stuff. Sniff around for that one item. Sint Bavodijk 31, 4504 AB Nieuwvliet -

Het Oude Wagenhuis - Another new industrial, vintage, brocante and antique shop. Open every first Saturday and third Sunday of the month from 10:00 -16:00 (or by appointment) Koningin Julianastraat 31a, 4513 AX Hoofdplaat -

Sold Antiques - A fabulous new store in Schoondijke. The owners of this vintage, brocante and antique shop know what they are doing! Stylish but bring your wallet. Nijverheidsstraat 3, 4507 BB Schoondijke -

Ferini Vintage & Antique Shop Nieuwvliet
Sold Antiques Shop Schoondijke

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