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Tramkade Den Bosch

The Tramkade Den Bosch is such a cool and urban area with lots of places to explore. Where is the Tramkade in Den Bosch? The Tramkade is located at the former site of the Spoorzone of Den Bosch, where the animal and compound feed factory De Heus was located. Since 2014 this industrial location has been turned into a cultural and creative hotspot where you can eat, drink, shop, dance and enjoy various cultural events with a late night party scene.

There are three main buildings on the site: The Kaaihallen, The Mengfabriek and the Werkwarenhuis. The Kaaihallen, where animal feed was produced, now has an industrial look and is mainly used for events. The Mengfabriek is located in the former compound feed factory of the Heus. You can eat, drink, dance and play vintage arcade games at Barkade or drink coffee and dine at Espressobar da Silva. In the Werkwarenhuis you will find the design collection of Social Label and the Instagrammable pink cafe / restaurant Van Aken. You'll also find various creative studios from various artists and near the water front you'll find the beer brewery and tasting room De Bossche Brouwers. And lets not forget The Verkadefabriek: In the former cookie factory you can enjoy theater, cabaret, film, food and drinks.

If you like industrial like Strijp-S in Eindhoven you should definitely visit the Tramkade Den Bosch.

Where to park the Car at the Tramkade Den Bosch?

The Tramkade has its own car park, which visitors can visit 24 hours a day for a fee.

So much fun this summer at the Tramkade. Pop-up Funpark with a city beach where you can enjoy cocktails, food and music. Or sit down and relax at Costa Del Silo. A collaboration of various bars in Den Bosch with food and drinks. Lets celebrate summer!

The Best Restaurants Tramkade Den Bosch

The Tramkade has many nice restaurants and places to eat and/or a drink. A few favourites are Cafe Barkade, Cafe Restaurant Van Aken, Bossche Brouwers and DaSilva Espressobar.

Cafe Barkade - Eat, Drink and Play. At café Barkade Den Bosch you can dine delicious Asian streetfood, play lots of arcade games and sing karaoke in the karaoke booth ! So much fun. Address:Tramkade 26, 5211 VB 's-Hertogenbosch

Bossche Brouwers / Cafe de Vaart - A brewery, pub and restaurant with a terrace. With more than 100 types of craft beers, this is the place to be if you like specialty beer, good food, live music and dancing. Tramkade 29 Den Bosch.

DaSilva Espressobar & Stadskoffiebranderij - Portuguese restaurant and espressobar.

Restaurant Van Aken Den Bosch - A pink pop up restaurant and also a great place to go for drinks, parties and other events at the Werkwarenhuis.

Fun Things To Do at the Tramkade Den Bosch

Rent a boat at Zelf Varen Den Bosch, go dancing at Van Aken, to the movies at the Verkadefabriek, for a drink at the Funpark or go skating at the World Skate Center. So many fun activities to do at the Tramkade.

Social Label Lab - Next door to the Van Aken pop-up restaurant you'll find the concept store Social Label where you can find social economic made sustainable design gifts.

Verkadefabriek - In this former cookie factory you can enjoy theater, cabaret, film, debates, food, drinks and more. The restaurant and terrace outside have a cosy atmosphere, Verkade 12uurtje is a hit. They also offer Sunday breakfast and film mornings, love that concept!

Bossche Boten aan de Vaart - Sail away with various package deals like Breakfast, Coffee with Bossche Bol, Lunch, Drinks, Beer Tasting or a BBQ. There is a tailor-made package for every type of group: from private boat trips to large group outings.

Sloepvaren Den Bosch - Great day out. Rent a boat for a small or large group, from a minimum of 7 people to more than 100 people.

Werkwarenhuis Boat Rental - Rent a boat with a captain. Sail around with Captain Joan's converted patrol boat. Max 4 people, cocktails included.

World Skate Center - You can go skateboarding or inlining at the skate park. Tramkade 18.

Zelf Varen Den Bosch - Perfect place to rent a boat to explore the waters of Den Bosch. Perfect with a group of friends. Up to 6 people are allowed in one boat.

The Best Hotels at Tramkade Den Bosch

Sleep in a lift crane at Hotel Bossche Kraan or sleep in a boat at The Coon or Wikkelboat.

Bossche Kraan Hotel - Want to sleep in a lift crane? A luxurious double hotel room in a former harbor crane, beautifully furnished and fully equipped.

The Coon - The experience of a boat with the comfort of a holiday home. An innovative bed and breakfast concept on the water.

Wikkelboat - The Wikkelboats can accommodate up to 6 people each and have 3 rooms: 2 living/bedrooms with a kitchen in the middle and 1 bathroom.

Street Art at Tramkade Den Bosch

The old silos are the main attraction, but the Havendijk and the Havendwarsstraat, the WSC Skatepark and the Bosschdijkstraat are the place to be for cool street art at the Tramkade Den Bosch! On the weekend you'll find lots of people strolling around the area to take pictures.


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