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Norfolk & Suffolk Travel Guide

We really enjoyed this mini road trip in Norfolk & Suffolk. Great nature, from stunning beaches to inland waterways and from cute little fishing towns to last but not least Sandringham House and estate; one of the royal palaces still frequently visited by her Majesty the Queen over the Christmas holiday season.

What To Do in Norfolk & Suffolk

HM The Queen's Sandringham House - I admit, my guilty pleasure, big time. The royal family is one to my heart. Visit the country retreat of her Majesty the Queen. Only open from April till October. Plan your visit and book your tickets in advance. You can easily spend half a day on the grounds.

Places to visit in Norfolk & Suffolk

Lavenham, Suffolk

Located in the heart of Suffolk, the small countryside village Lavenham with half-timbered medieval cottages is famous for its wool trading and so cute. Wonder through the picturesque streets, visit the church, explore the guilded houses and try and find the cottage that featured in the Harry Potter movie (also called De Vere House). How many of the Suffolk pink cottages have you counted?

Munnings Tea Room - Cream tea and lunches like you would imagine it in England. Crooked House, 7 High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk, CO10 9PR -

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Visit the medieval ruins of Abbey & Park with a beautiful garden and St Edmundsbury Cathedral. History not your thing? Enjoy a tour at the famous Greene King Brewery.

Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk

The beach near Wells Next the Sea is often said to be the best in Norfolk.

And it's really amazing: a big piece of golden sand with dunes and a pine forest, with nice beach huts along ths hore.The beach is a bit far from the town, with marshes and farms in between, but there's a small train going down to the seafront from the resort. In the town, you can walk around small streets like the really cute Staithe Street.

Norwich, Norfolk

There is enough to see and do in Norwich and its a perfect stop half way through your mini road trip. Visit the beautiful old areas like Elm Hill and the banks of River Wensum.

Norwich Cathedral - This impressive Anglican cathedral was built in the 11th century with the second largest cathedral spire except for the Salisbury Cathedral dominating the skyline of Norwich.

All Saints Antiques Centre - Seriously cool. A quirky antique and vintage shop in an ex medieval church. I say again, seriously cool.

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

What happens in Great Yarmouth, stays in Great Yarmouth. Your idea of a once glorious seaside resort town in England but the truth is...not anymore. Great Yarmouth used to be up there with Blackpool as one of England's most treasured and glorious seaside destinations.

On the Golden Mile you'll find the art noveau Empire Cinema and lots of arcades.

Southwold, Suffolk

Nicknamed 'Kensington on Sea' after the upmarket London borough. Think stretches of beach with pastel-painted beach huts, a light house and a pier. You'll will also discover pebbled cottages and a picturesque high street. Southwold ticks all the boxes.

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Aldeburgh is another charming little seaside town with pastel coloured houses, a cute little high street and ramshackle huts on the beach selling freshly caught fish of the day.

Aldeburgh Fish and Chips - A queue around the corner but stating that it is the best Fish and Chips shop in Aldeburgh town. You decide.

The Barn Vintage & Antique - An amazing barn full of antiques, furniture, gifts, retro stuff and art in Aldenburgh. Gutted I couldn't visit.

Want to know more about Norfolk & Suffolk?

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