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I am Eef

Nice to meet you!

I have learned that making memories with your loved ones is most important, that you should enjoy what you are doing and that you should follow your dreams. 

​For those who don’t know me personally, I lost my husband, the love of my life, after a battle against brain cancer in October 2019. He was only 34, I was 32 at that time. After he was diagnosed in the summer of 2018, we decided to enjoy life even more than we already did.

​We came up with eefinthecity. A website with the many mini road trips we did together in the United Kingdom and in Europe. Inspirational travel guides to the countryside or places somewhat different with beautiful boutique hotels, cabins and b&b’s to stay for a slow travel weekend close to home. To inspire you to do the same with your loved ones. To make sure you get the most out of every day and to make memories together. eefinthecity will help me to keep my promise to Matt to never stop exploring.


Matt and I used to live in London for almost six years. Primrose Hill will always be home for me. The Cotswolds my second love. You can only imagine my love for all things English. Autumn is our favourite season. It strengthens my love and joy for the English countryside. I have an interest for English history and follow English politics. The English Royal family is my guilty pleasure. Every year I am lucky enough to spend time in the UK and share my UK (travel) tips on eefinthecity.


I find it important to do good to the world. In my work as a Digital Marketing Manager at Beter Horen | Amplifon, the number 1 retailer in the hearing care industry, we empower people to rediscover all the emotions of sound. On a more personal note, in addition to other volunteer work, I raised €33k+ for Brain Cancer research and 16k+ for the Disabled Sports fund. With eefinthecity, I inspire and share the best tips with my followers and website visitors.

Digital Marketing (SEO) Experience

As a Digital Marketing Manager with 10 years of international working experience I can build out organic online presence. I have a strong track-record from operational to strategic level focused on new acquisition marketing. With eefinthecity, I can help you to promote your business and/or tourism in the region. Together we can reach so many people.

​In the meantime, enjoy eefinthecity and promise yourself…


Never stop exploring and follow your dreams!


​With love,

Eef x

Feel free to email me at 

Find me on  Instagram @eefinthecity

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