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City Guide Hamburg Germany

Hamburg - a cool and eclectic harbour city in Northern Germany with a raw and industrial vibe with lots of Nordic influence. Aldstadt, Neustadt and Hafencity are the areas to tick all the tourist attractions off your list. Visit Hamburg in 2 or 3 days and you should explore the alternative Schanzenviertel, St Pauli and trendy Karolinenviertel areas for local Hamburg love.

The Best Restaurants Hamburg, Germany

The best restaurants in Aldstadt, Neustadt and Hafencity, Schanzenviertel, St Pauli, Karolinenviertel en Eppendorf, Hamburg.

MUTTERLAND Cölln's - Altstadt - A seafood restaurant but also famous for its breakfast. Reservations are needed and don’t be late - they remove your reservation after 15 minutes. You can also grab a coffee and pastry from the deli.

Hobenköök Restaurant & Markthalle - Hafencity - A restaurant, deli and market hall. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Local produce with Northern German influence in a converted warehouse.

Krug -St Pauli - A local pub in St Pauli serving regional dishes in a cosy krug (german for pub). Go for a decent plate of tasty food and a big glass of wine.

Restaurant Hæbel - St Pauli - French-Nordic restaurant with a carte blanche, five course seasonal menu with a list of used ingredients and products like your daily shopping list. You can also go for pairing wines. They take reservations for the 18.00 or 20.30pm run.

Weinladen - St Pauli - A wine bar in an industrial setting with more than 200 wines to try from by the glass. Cosy atmosphere with a decent cheese platter.

Dulf's Burger - Karolinenviertel - The best hamburger in Hamburg. Be prepared to wait outside (even on a windy Sunday evening).

ÆNDRÈ - Eppendorf - Eating conscious at a whole new level. Go here for your porridge and coffee fix. Hipster level is high but a perfect weekend spot for slow breakfast.

The Best Coffee in Hamburg, Germany

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery - Altstadt - An industrial coffee shop with a tiny outside terrace. You can drink filter coffees made from various brewing methods like aeropess, karlsbader kanne, kalita wave, v60 (handfilter) or chemex.

Hermetic Coffee Roasters - St Pauli - Based in a brick building with a tiny square in front where you can sit outside. Roasting their own beans, a great place for coffee.

(Vintage) Shopping in Hamburg, Germany

Minimarkt - Sternschanze - A concept store with Scandinavian and Northern Europe design.

Vintage gallery - Sternschanze - According to the owner you'll find real original vintage clothes in his shop and not just an odd pile of old clothes.

Marktstraße - A great little street with independent clothes shops in the heart of Karolinenviertel.

Schlachthofpassage, A square met vintage shops in Karolinenviertel.

Flohschanze - Saturday outdoor marketplace featuring stalls & vendors selling a variety of new & vintage goods in Karolinenviertel. Neuer Kamp 30, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

Book stores in Hamburg, Germany

Sautter + Lackmann Fachbuchhandlung - Altstadt - An independent (art) bookstore with a great selection of culture, art, science, fashion and travel books amongst others.

Felix Jud bookstore - Neustadt - One of Hamburg's oldest bookstores with antique and gallery space.

Cohen + Dobernigg - Karolinenviertel - A modern bookstore in the middle Karolinenviertel.

The Best Things To Do in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburger Kunsthalle - Altstadt - Major art museum in 3 buildings, with works from medieval altarpieces to contemporary photography.

Bucerius Kunst Forum - Altstadt - Open since 2002, hosting four temporary exhibits each year.

Kunstverein in Hamburg - Hammerbrook - One of the city oldest art societies with contemporary art.

Deichtorhallen - Altstadt - Two huge market halls. One fur Aktuelle Kunst, the other one is the Haus of Photography.

Elbphilharmonie - Hafencity - A music venue and the jewel in Hamburg’s harbour. The tickets for the plaza outlook are free. If you want to secure your place you can book a ticket for €2 for the next day. Tip: take the ferry from Elbphilarmonie to Landungsbrucke (great photo moment and a little harbour experience)

Speicherstadt - The city of warehouses is part of UNESCO World Heritage. Great views of the red brick buildings and steel bridges you'll get from the Poggenmuhlenbrucke, Wasserschloss and Kibbelstegbrucke. Expect a lot of people taking photos at these spots overlooking the warehouses in Hafencity. 20457, Hamburg, Germany

Rathaus - Aldstadt - An impressive town hall and home to the city’s senate and parliament. Rathausmarkt 1, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Chilehaus Hamburg - Aldstadt - Hamburg's architectural landmark, a symbol after the city’s recovery after WWI. Part of Unesco World Heritage site together with the Speicherstadt and Kontorhaus district. Fischertwiete 2A, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Unilever House & Marco Polo Tower - Recognisable landmarks - you can see them from the plaza from the Elbphilharmonie.

Tanzende Tuerme - Another recognisable landmark - the towers interact like a couple dancing.

Good to know about Hamburg

The Hamburg card is worth your money for at least one day if you are planning to visit museums, musicals and other tourist attractions. You can save up to 50% off and enjoy free public transport. Read the small print and plan in advance to make it worthwhile.

With the Kunstmeile (art) pass you can visit the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Museum fur Kunst and Gewerbe and the art galleries Bucerius Kunst Forum, Kunstverein in Hamburg and the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. Must be used in three consecutive days. On Mondays only the Bucerius Kunst Forum is open.

Be aware that a lot of shops, art galleries and restaurants are closed on Sunday and /or Monday (evening). Plan your weekend trip in advance. Rent bikes or scooters. You can find them everywhere around the city.

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