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City Guide Aarhus Denmark

Visit Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city. Explore its charming old town, the hipster Latin Quarter with the lots of nice coffee shops, restaurants and fashion and design boutiques. Go to Møllestien for the picture perfect colourful houses. Neighbourhood Frederiksbjerg has boutiques and eclectic retro stores.

The best coffee in Aarhus

ARoS Café & Orangeri we really enjoyed our coffee and lunch at the ARoS Café & Orangeri in Aarhus. It's inside the ARoS Art Museum with beautiful views.

La Cabra Coffee Roasters Aarhus is a famous place for coffee lovers in the Latin Quarter. They're known for roasting their own beans and offering unique coffee choices from different places. They soon open in New York. Than you know it is a good place.

Fikumdik Cafe is a cozy spot for cofee in Aarhus. Located in an old garage, is really has a nice atmosphere, yummy homemade pastries and good coffee. A great local coffee shop.

Mood Coffee Aarhus is a friendly place with a focus on being eco-friendly. They have a wide range of local, high-quality coffees. It's a hit with lots of different coffee tastes.

Stillers Coffee make their coffee with care and the place feels like home. A great place to relax in the Latin Quarter.

Street Coffee is a cool local coffee shop in Aarhus. They really get the city vibe. It's a nice place to enjoy your coffee.

The Best Restaurants Aarhus

Aarhus Street Food Market is a foodie heaven in Aarhus where you can get all kinds of streetfood from more than 30 local and global joints, right in the middle of the city.

Café Drudenfuss is one of Aarhus' oldest cafés in the heart of the Latin Quarter and a popular place for breakfast, lunch and dinner Solid brasserie food, delicious cocktails and a good atmosphere. Known for its snug vibes and jummy treats.

Café Fika is where you go for a proper Swedish-style coffee break and organic & homemade food. They've got brews that'll wake you up and freshly baked goodies that hit the spot.

Café Gaya is all about mixing up food flavours with organic, vegetarian and predominantly vegan dishes that blend different tastes from around the world. Location Frederiksbjerg.

Restaurant Langhoff & Juul is all about fancy, yet down-to-earth fine dining. They cook up dishes with the best ingredients, so you're in for a meal you won't forget. Enjoy time at theire Boutique Hotel & Restaurant at the seaside of Ebeltoft or book the restaurant in the Latin Quarter in Aarhus.

Løve’s Bog- og Vincafé is a place where literature, food & wine come together. It's a cosy spot for bookworms and foodies with a selection of fine wines and tasty dishes.

Restaurant Nordisk Spisehus is all about celebrating Nordic cuisine and flavors from around the world. A modern Danish restaurant.

Salling Rooftop and Roofgarden is a stunning terrace where you get epic views of Aarhus along with some seriously posh nosh. It's perfect for foodies looking for a killer panoramic experience. Located at the top of the Salling department store.

The Best Things To Do Aarhus

Visiting the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum was one of the highlights of my trip. Make sure to pay a visit to the spectacular work Your Rainbow Panorama, a 150-metre long circular walkway on the roof of the museum offering specatacular views of the city of Aarhus.

The Latin Quarter in Aarhus is the hipster district where you will find hip coffee shops and nice second-hand shops. The most favorite neighborhood in the city, where a coffee at La Cabra should not be missed. Walk through the famous Møllestien. Here you see the picture perfect Danish colored houses.

Marselisborg Palace is a royal residence of the Danish royal family in Aarhus. It has been the summer and Christmas residence of Queen Margrethe II since 1967.

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