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Central Jutland Denmark Travel Guide

I loved visiting Central Jutland in Denmark with my Dad. With highlights including Aarhus, Denmark's second city, the Lake District, and of course Billund, home to Legoland. The West Coast of Central Jutland with Hvide Sande is also worthwile exploring.

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The Best Things To Do in Central Jutland, Denmark

Legoland Billund Legohouse

Visit Legoland Billund: Located in Billund, Legoland is a must-visit attraction for families. Enjoy the incredible Lego-themed rides, interactive exhibits, and intricate Lego models.

Aarhus and the Aros Aarhus Art Museum

Visit Aarhus, Denmark's second-largest city. Explore its charming old town, the Latin Quarter with the colourful houses at Møllestien and cool fashion and design boutiques. Neighbourhood Frederiksbjerg has boutiques and eclectic retro stores.

Don't miss the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum one of the highlights of my trip. Make sure to go visit the spectacular work Your Rainbow Panorama, a 150-metre long circular walkway on the roof of the museum offering specatacular views of the city of Aarhus. We enjoyed lunch and coffee at ARoS Café & Orangeri. Other best places for coffee in Aarhus are La Cabra Coffee Roasters, Street Coffee, Stillers Coffee and Fikumdik Cafe. Café Drudenfuss is a popular place in Aarhus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also F-Høj Deli. Or book at upmarket Langhoff & Juul restaurant. They also have a boutique Hotel & Restaurant at the seaside of Ebeltoft. Løve’s Bog- og Vincafé is a fabulous bookstore and a café in one. You've got me. Cocktails more your thing? Go to the Salling Rooftop.

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Lake District Central Jutland, Denmark

The Danish Lake District, located in the central part of Jutland, is a picturesque region known for its tranquil lakes, lush forests, and charming towns. Like Silkeborg where you should not miss a stroll through Indellukket, a picturesque riverside park. Follow Åhavevej south to reach it. In Silkeborg there are lots of opportunities for swimming,canoeing, hiking and more. The Lake District is a very populair destination to visit.


Cobbled Adelgade is one of the loveliest main streets in Jutland, lined with pastel-coloured cafes and stores, and pretty courtyards. At its southern end is the diminutive old town hall, built in 1789. It has a half-timbered, chocolate-box appearance. Adelgade Caffee is your spot for a drink and some food.

Tjele Airbnb - Right in the middle of nature you'll find this beautiful farmhouse.

Things To Do in the Skiven region Jutland, Denmark

Airbnb Højslev - We had a great stay at a small authentic summer house near Hjarbæk fjord. It is the perfect stay if you are looking for a few days of peace and tranquility. The cottage is situated in a park, but located at th far end in such a way that it is not really a problem. The house is close to a small beach where you can kayak.

Dalsgaard Antik is a must visit if you love antiques like I do. The farmhouse of Dalsgaard is situated 4km east of Skive, near the village of Dommerby. Enjoy the beautiful drive along the Skive Fjord before or after paying a visit.

The Castle Spøttrup Borg is the main attraction of this region. It is Denmark's best preserved castle from the middle ages. Traktørstedet Borgen is a cozy place to enjoy coffee and cake. You can also go for a walk around the Spøttrup Lake (7km).

The Skive Region has a lot of nice walking and cycling paths. The Salling Nature Path (29.4km) is one for example. At Knuden on the island Fur you find up to 40 metres high moclay cliffs. At Gyldendal Harbour you can rent sea kayaks or spend your day on the beach.

Fancy Oysters? Try the Danish Oyster Bar in Glyngøre where fresh Limjord oysters are served on seaweed in a dish of water.

Hiking in Central Jutland, Denmark

Nature Route Haervejen

The Hærvejen route comprises more than 500 kilometres of hiking and cycling routes in Central Jutland. A real dream for nature lovers.

Lake trail at Hald Sø - 5.75km

In the middle of Danish Lake District you find this beautiful Lake Trail at Hald sø. Most of the area around the lake is forested and has some hills, allowing for great views of the lake and its surroundings. The whole loop trail is 15.8km. We did part of the trail including the Inderø Forest Walk. Keep an eye out for the wild horses.

Mariager Fjord Panoramaroute -10km

There are several routes between 2,3km and 10km, the latter being the stunning Panoramaroute. We really enjoyed this hike with beautiful views.

Jordbro Engsø to Knudby - 7km

Hike from Sønder Ørum to Knudby around Jordbro Engsø.

Spøttrup Borg + Sø - 6.4km

A hike near Denmark's oldest castle and the nearby Sø.

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