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pre-loved fashion and designer clothing

For those who know me, I love shopping pre-loved designer clothing. Of course, you have the likes of Vestiaire Collective and Vinted these days. But I mean shopping pre-loved fashion in cute boutique shops. It all started when I was living in London and voluntereed at Mary's Living & Giving Charity Shop in Primrose Hill. The Saturday Morning shift between 10-14pm was just a magical.

And because I often get the questions where to shop in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands for pre-loved ladies designer clothes, I will share my curated list with you all.

Belgium | France | Ireland | Netherlands | UK

pre-loved designer clothes France

pre-loved fashionLille

pre-loved designer clothes UK

pre-loved fashion York

York Designer Dress Agency

pre loved designer clothes London

charity shops Mary's Living & Giving in Primrose Hill

No. 38 Rathmines

pre loved designer clothes Netherlands

Read more pre-loved fashion Netherlands

Pre-loved Fashion Online

Online you also have the Circle Boutique. CIRCLE BOUTIQUE was born from an obsession with fashion and all things beautiful. It has the best curation of preloved designer pieces.


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