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Veluwe Region Travel Guide

The Veluwe region is absolutely stunning. A great weekend trip where we walked in the forests and on the heath and spotted animals like deer, foxes and rabbits. In the middle of De Hoge Veluwe National Park you'll find the Kröller-Müller museum with the second largest Vincent van Gogh collection in the world. You can also visit buzzing Hanseactic cities like Harderwijk.

Holiday Park Veluwe Region

Vrijrijck vakantieparken Ermelo - Cute little cottages in quite nature surroundings. This holiday park doesn't have many facilities which is actually great if you want a peaceful weekend in the forest of the Veluwe region.

Restaurants Veluwe region

Restaurant Boshuis Drie - A monumental farm from 1765 in the forest around Ermelo. Book your dinner in advance, this place gets busy on the weekend. I am not surprised, as this is the place to be if you want to eat any game specialties near the crackling fireplace.

Things To Do in the Veluwe Region

Ermelo Sheepfold - Visit the sheep in the sheepfold and the visitor center where you can find more information about the sheep, the shepherd and dogs, the bees and nature in the area. They also serve lunch and drinks.

The Ermelosche heath - Across the sheepfold is a heath land with various cycling, hiking and horse riding trails. A great afternoon activity. Drieërweg 119, 3852 MA Ermelo

More Museum - The largest museum for modern realism such as Jan Mankes, Carel Willink and Charley Toorop.

Royal Palace Het Loo - Former summer residence of the Dutch royal family turned into a state museum since 1984.

A. Vogel Garden - Discover countless herbs and plants in the garden, feel the earth under your feet on the Barefooth path, taste nature in the Smultuin and relax in the Herbal Tea Court while enjoying your herbal tea.

Things To Do Veluwe National Park

The Hoge Veluwe National Park - 55 square kilometres in area, consisting of heathlands, sand dunes and woodlands. This park is one of the largest continuous nature reserves in the Netherlands. Biking, Hiking and Wildlife wachting. There is something for everyone. At the entrance of the park you can grab a bike for free to cycle around the park to go and spot wildlife like deers, moulons and wild boars. Go for a picnic in the summer and visit the Kroller Mulller museum.

Kröller-Müller Museum - Inside The Hoge Veluwe National Park you'll find this stunning museum where you could easily spend a whole day. Its got the second largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the wold but on display are also many other famous artists like Alberto Giacometti, Piet Mondriaan, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso to name a few. The museum houses a great cafe and when you are stuck up with lunch make sure you also pay a visit to the sculpture garden with sculptures by prominent artists like Barbara Hepworth, Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore.

Jachthuis Sint Hubertus - Jachthuis Sint-Hubertus (also called Jachtslot Sint-Hubertus) is a building in the north of the Dutch National Park De Hoge Veluwe, between the Gelderland towns of Otterlo and Hoenderloo. It was designed in 1914 by architect Hein Berlage, commissioned by the couple Helene Kröller-Müller and Anton Kröller. You can visit the house.

Best cities to visit in the Veluwe region

Harderwijk - one of the few Hanseatic cities in the region like Elburg and Hattem.

We discovered cute little shops in the ''De Hondegatstraat'' and spent a few hours strolling around and enjoying the sights of Harderwijk. The Vischmarkt is your place to be for cute bars and restaurants.

Blije meisjes - Cute vintage shop with second hand clothing, furniture, books, jewellery and much more. Worth a visit if you like these kind of

Eef & Co - A shop with old fashioned cleaning items from the past, like wooden brushes, enamel buckets and other cleaning supplies. They also sell small gift items like tableware, natural soap and old Dutch sweets.

Goodies by Tamara - Branded concept store with goodies for everyone and a coffee shop in one.

Patrijs - Patisserie and Ice Cream parlour. The perfect spot from a creamy little cake and a hot coffee or fresh herbal tea before, during or after shopping.

Want to know more about the Veluwe Region

Visit the website of Visit Veluwe

Visit the website of The Hoge Veluwe National Park

To learn more about the Hansa towns like Hardewijk visit


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