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L'Epicerie du Pape Normandy France

Guesthouse | Bed and Breakfast | Chambres d'hôtes L'Epicerie du Pape is located, in the charming village of Vascoeuil in Normandy, France. Housed in a former country house the B&B consists of two rooms, a tent lodge and a cozy cabin with Nordic style in the back of the garden. L'Epicerie du Pape is full of brocante details which are carefully sourced by the owners Karine and François. It is all about esthetics. We stayed for three nights and had an absolute wonderful time à la piscine.

Rooms L' Epicerie Du Pape Chambre d'hôtes

There are two rooms in the guesthouse and with all the brocante details it makes it an attractive place to stay. Le chambre ‘la pêche du pape’ is on the 1st floor of the house with a separate entrance for two people with a large bed and shower.

We stayed in le chambre ‘le repos de la mule’ a room on the ground floor of the house which is available for three people. The room temperature is surprisingly cold and keeps the heat nicely outside. The wooden beams and stone floor bring a lot of atmosphere to the room. We booked the room for the real eye-catcher, the claw-foot tub, for a little bit of me-time in the morning.

After a good night of sleep, breakfast is ready for you. And what a treat it is!

Cabin | Tiny House du Pape

Inside the Cabin Tiny House du Pape, in the back of the garden, you imagine yourself in Scandinavia with a wooden interior lots and light tones. The cabin sleeps two people and you'll have your own bathroom facilities. It all boosts a super comfortable Nordic spirit. And if you have little ones they can stay in the adjacent retro caravan.

Tent Lodge L' Epicerie Du Pape

Also the tent lodge is quite cool. It is the perfect stay for 2 adults and 2 children, as the tent fits a large bed and two military camp beds. Even inside you'll find more brocante details, there is a wood stove for chilled evenings and there is a private sanitary facility in the garden a few meters from the tent. Handy.

Brocante shops in Normandy France

L'Empreinte Décoration - Atelier de Décoration - Brocante - Créations in the village of Lyons-la-Fôret. Also an online shop.

Beautiful villages in Normandy France to visit

There is enough to do à la campagne. You can go cycling, walking or even horse riding if you are up for it. Or visit the cute villages Gerberoy, Lyons-la-Fôret or well-known city Rouen.

Gerberoy Lovers of flowers and roses, welcome to Gerberoy. Known as the "village of a thousand rose bushes", this charming little town in Oise offers a wonderful sensory experience. Climbing roses, hydrangeas, wisteria, daisies and other plants... an explosion of scents and a festival of colours await you! The cobbled lanes, old cob houses with colourful timber work

Lyons-la-Fôret is a hidden gem situated in the heart of Normandy’s largest forest and has been officially recognised as one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France’. This cute village with an array of magnificent half-timbered houses boasts tearooms, little restaurants, the odd hotel, antiques shops and the beautiful 18th-century timber-framed covered market.

Rouen -Stroll among half-timbered houses, visit the Gothic cathedral and with excellent museums and vibrant cultural life, Rouen is one of Normandy's most engaging destinations.

Discover more about the area on the Normandy tourism website


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