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3x Boutique Hotels Leuven

The nicest, romantic design boutique hotels in Leuven, Belgium, located in the city center.

Hotel De Hoorn has large rooms with an industrial vibe. If you book the Loft, you are lucky and spoiled with an amazing view of Leuven and the old city. Conveniently located near the city center.

In the center of Leuven you will find Martin's Klooster. This lovely boutique hotel is housed in a former monastery from the 16th century where the historical details are still clearly visible. From the hotel you can walk to the Grote Markt in five minutes. The Martin's Klooster is part of Martin's Hotel with more boutique hotels in Belgium. Parking is available for 30 euro's a night.

This Guesthouse is perfect for exploring the city of Leuven. The room is located on the 3rd floor (no private apartment). A lovely room with private bathroom, sitting and dining area. Perfectly located in the center of Leuven near the Ladeuzeplein and the train station. Parking available.

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