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Landgoed Moerslag - Natuurloft Water

In the beautiful surrounding of South Limburg and its rolling landscape you'll find Landgoed Moerslag in Sint Geertruid. We love slow travelling and had a weekend of pure bliss in one of the Natuurlofts® of Landgoed Moerslag.

Natuurlofts® of Landgoed Moerslag

The design and architecture of the lofts are based on the Sea Ranch in California and shows the Wabi Sabi principle, the Japanese philosophy of life. The view from the bed in the living room is all you need to realize that this is a happy place.

What we also liked about the natuurlofts® is that they are fully integrated with the landscape surroundings. The lofts are hidden between pear trees and hawthorn hedges. Only from the other side you see the tall windows. When you are outside enjoying the hot tub or the barbecue you hardly even notice your neighbours.

The lofts are sustainable and completely energy neutral. Solar panels, heat pump boilers and heat pumps provide hot water, heating and cooling.

We stayed in natuurloft® 'Aqua' with a hot tub and bubble bath.

And although there are various cycle and walking routes and cities like Maastricht, Valkenburg and Liege only a few kilometers away, we decided to stay in and to just enjoy each other's company. Staying at the natuurlofts® is not just booking a few nights away, it is the whole experience. Certainly a place to make life long memories.

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Hot tub Natuurlofts® Landgoed Moerslag
Natuurlofts® Landgoed Moerslag

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For more information visit the South Limburg website

For more information visit the Limburg website

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