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South Limburg Travel Guide

Beautiful glowing Limburg, I like you a lot. It feels like you are abroad. The hospitality, the good food and wine, the nature and so many things to do makes Limburg a perfect destination for a mini road trip. You can explore Maastricht on a city trip on its own but the city is also a perfect hub for exploring South Limburg. Discover its many castles, walk in the forests and hills or for visit cute little towns like Eijsden, Hoensbroek or Vijlen.

Boutique Hotels in South Limburg

Chateau Gerlach - We once stayed for the weekend at Chateau Gerlach. A luxury country estate located on the edge of the Ingendael nature reserve, just outside Maastricht city centre. Joseph Corneli Allee 1, 6301 KK Valkenburg -

Hotel Monastere - A Parisian chique boutique hotel in the city centre of Maastricht. It also has its very own French bistro Café Louis serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Boschstraat 71, 6211 AV Maastricht -

Kaboom Hotel - A trendy hotel with a fabulous price point. Whats more, it has a perfect location next to the station to explore romantic Maastricht. Stationsplein 1, 6221 BT Maastricht, Netherlands -

Kaboom Hotel Maastricht South Limburg

Landgoed Moerslag - We love slow travelling and had a weekend of pure bliss in one of the Natuurlofts® of Landgoed Moerslag. The design and architecture of the lofts are based on the Sea Ranch in California and shows the Wabi Sabi principle, the Japanese philosophy of life. We stayed in loft 'Aqua' with a hot tub and bubble bath. The view from the bed in the living room is all you need to realize that this is a happy place. Moerslag 32, 6265 NC Sint Geertruid -

Inside Natuurloft Landgoed Moerslag

Thuis aan de Beek - a stunning converted timbered farmhouse, with a 4p loft and a 2p studio. Picture yourself away in the rolling hills of South Limburg, amidst nostalgic little villages hidden between meadows, woodland and colourful orchards. It is all picture perfect.

Terzieterweg 7, 6285 ND Epen -

Restaurants South Limburg

De Brandweerkantine - Based in a former fire station, this is a great place for a nice cup of coffee and good breakfast before you start your day exploring Maastricht. Capucijnenstraat 21, 6211 RN Maastricht -

De Brandweerkantine Maastricht

De Bischopssmolen - Is it called 'Vlaai' or 'Vla'? Nonetheless, the best freshly baked pie and bread you'll find in Maastricht is here. Visit the bakery or sit down in the room next door. Walk out through the other side to hear the water mill rattling. Stenenbrug 3, 6211 HP Maastricht -

Boscafé 't Hijgend Hert - In the middle of het Vijlnerbos, somewhere between the villages of Vijlen, Epen and Vaals you will find Boscafé 't Hijgend Hert' at this unique location with an altitude of 260 meters.

Harles 23, 6294 NG Vijlen - Brasserie Tapijn - Tapijnkazerne 20, 6211 ME Maastricht Cafe Zondag - The place to be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks? Café Zondag in the lively Wijck district in Maastricht is the right place for you!

Gasterij de Koffiemolen - This place got it all, nice staff, good coffee and cake and an amazing vintage and brocante store. The best bit about it? It is not in the tourist part of town. A true little gem. Sint Pieterstraat 4, 6301 DR Valkenburg -

Gasterij de Koffiemolen in Valkenburg

Mr Sammi - ECI 13, 6041 KW Roermond -

Restaurant Puur - After a nice spa day at the Thermen 2000 or just to visit, this restaurant serves a great 3,4 or 5 course menu ‘De Chef’. Cauberg 25-27, 6301 BT Valkenburg -

Shops in South Limburg

Bookstore Dominicanen - An independent bookstore amid the stone vaults of a medieval church. A must see when visiting Maastricht. Dominicanerkerkstraat 1, 6211 CZ Maastricht -

Bestwelhip - A vintage shop of 1000m2. Do we need to say more? Groenseykerstraat 41B, 6161 SE Geleen -

Gasterij de Koffiemolen - This place got it all, nice staff, good coffee and cake and an amazing vintage and brocante store. The best bit about it? It is not in the tourist part of town. A true little gem. Sint Pieterstraat 4, 6301 DR Valkenburg -

Vintage Shop Gasterij de Koffiemolen in Valkenburg

What To Do in South Limburg

Uitkijktoren Mescherhei - A vista point of 9 meters high which gives a stunning panorama view. Ezelspadweg, 6265 NL Eijsden - Castle Wijlre - An estate for culture and landscape which combines contemporary art and architecture with cultural heritage and nature. Kerkpad 1, 6321 PX Wijlre -

Vineyard st Martinus - The naturally sustainably grown vineyards of Wijndomein St. Martinus are located in the beautiful hilly landscape of South Limburg in Vijlen!

Rott 21a, 6294 NL Vijlen -

Places to visit in South Limburg


Located on the banks of the Meuse River, Eijsden is a picturesque village with historic buildings, such as Eijsden Castle. The surroundings offer beautiful hiking and biking routes.


Surrounded by green hills and lush landscapes, Gulpen is a cozy village with a lively atmosphere. It is a great base for exploring the Limburg countryside.


Mastricht is of the most beautiful cities in the south of the Netherlands. The historic center of Maastricht with its cobbled streets and allies has so many nice boutique shops and the world famous book store Dominicanen (hidden in a church). Maastricht is also a culinarian hotspot. In the south they know their lifestyle! Looking for a less tourists? Discover neighbourhood Wyck. Definitely my favourite with its vintage and design shops, cosy restaurants and bars. Maastricht is your number one must see and a perfect destination for a shopping spree or a romantic weekend away.


This small village is known for its half-timbered houses and beautiful location in the Geul Valley. It is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers.


Located in the hilly countryside, Slenaken is an idyllic village with charming half-timbered houses and beautiful views. It is known for its excellent restaurants and welcoming atmosphere. From here you can walk the beautiful Trage Tocht Slenaken.


Thorn is known as the 'White Town', because of its whitewashed buildings. And that is why Thorn is one of the most picturesque villages in South Limburg. It has narrow streets, historic churches and beautiful squares.


Good God. Quite touristy and a bit of a trap but if you are up for it or want to visit the spa this is a cute little town to explore.


This 1000 year old village is located 200 meters above sea level and describes itself as the only mountain village in the Netherlands. From here there are lots of walking and cycling routes. Don't forget to pay a visit to Gasterij A Gen Kirk, a quirky place from 1913 full with images of saints and visit Boscafé 't Hijgend Hert when you walk in het Vijlnerbos.

Walking routes in South Limburg

Trage Tochten Slenaken - the beautiful ‘Trage Tochten’ hike of 17km (10.6 mile) starts in a sleepy village called Slenaken in South Limburg. From lofty hills to serene waterways and countryside woodland, the scenery is stunning, and you even cross the Belgium border.

Vijlnerbos - In this beautiful forest you can defy height differences of about 100 meters. This is a coniferous and deciduous forest with all kinds of brooks flow in the lower parts. On the edges higher up you can enjoy great views. Great for walk or mountain biking, combine with a drink at Boscafe 't Hijgend Hert.

Want to know more about South Limburg

For more information visit the South Limburg website For more information visit the Limburg website


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