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tHuis aan de Beek

tHuis aan de Beek. Like Home sweet Home. tHuis aan de Beek is a stunning converted timbered farmhouse, with a 4p loft and a 2p studio. Picture yourself away in the rolling hills of South Limburg, amidst nostalgic little villages hidden between meadows, woodland and colourful orchards. It is all picture perfect. Just pinch yourself. You deserve it.

Adress: Terzieterweg 7, 6285 ND Epen

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The Loft

We stayed at the Loft apartment, a large, luxurious apartment with a mezzanine floor (7 meters high under the roof). It has a cozy kitchen with all amenities, dining area, comfortable large living room with wood stove, two bedrooms, each with its own shower, and a comfortable bathroom with bath and shower. The Loft is fully equipped with underfloor heating. Bliss. Scroll through the pictures below for a beautiful impression.

What do to in South Limburg

Uitkijktoren Mescherhei - A vista point of 9 meters high which give a stunning panorama view. Ezelspadweg, 6265 NL Eijsden - Castle Wijlre - An estate for culture and landscape which combines contemporary art and architecture with cultural heritage and nature. Kerkpad 1, 6321 PX Wijlre -

Vineyard st Martinus - The naturally sustainably grown vineyards of Wijndomein St. Martinus are located in the beautiful hilly landscape of South Limburg in Vijlen!

Rott 21a, 6294 NL Vijlen -

Places to visit in South Limburg

Maastricht - one of the most beautiful cities in the south of the Netherlands. The historic center of Maastricht with its cobbled streets and allies has so many nice boutique shops and the world famous book store Dominicanen (hidden in a church). Maastricht is also a culinarian hotspot. In the south they know their lifestyle! Looking for a less tourists? Discover neighbourhood Wyck. Definitely my favourite with its vintage and design shops, cosy restaurants and bars. Maastricht is your number one must see and a perfect destination for a shopping spree or a romantic weekend away. Book a night at hip budget Hotel Kaboom , the fancy Kruisherenhotel or Designhotel Maastricht and you won't get dissapointed.

Valkenburg - Good God. Quite touristy and a bit of a trap but if you are up for it or want to visit the spa this is a cute little town to explore.

Vijlen - This 1000 year old village is located 200 meters above sea level and describes itself as the only mountain village in the Netherlands. From here there are lots of walking and cycling routes. Don't forget to pay a visit to Gasterij A Gen Kirk, a quirky place from 1913 full with images of saints and visit Boscafé 't Hijgend Hert when you walk in het Vijlnerbos.

Walking routes in South Limburg

Trage Tochten Slenaken - the beautiful ‘Trage Tochten’ hike of 17km (10.6 mile) starts in a sleepy village called Slenaken in South Limburg. From lofty hills to serene waterways and countryside woodland, the scenery is stunning, and you even cross the Belgium border.

Vijlnerbos - In this beautiful forest you can defy height differences of about 100 meters. This is a coniferous and deciduous forest with all kinds of brooks flow in the lower parts. On the edges higher up you can enjoy great views. Great for walk or mountain biking, combine with a drink at Boscafe 't Hijgend Hert.

Want to know more about South Limburg

For more information visit the South Limburg website For more information visit the Limburg website


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