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Vlieland Travel Guide

Experience the allure of Vlieland, a picturesque island nestled in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Uncover the hidden gems of this serene destination, rich with natural beauty and unique charm. Among the five captivating islands within the Wadden Sea – Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland, and Schiermonnikoog – each possesses its own distinctive atmosphere and character. Our choice was Vlieland, an island that boasts a car-free environment, offering a tranquil weekend getaway for slow travelling. Allow me to share my Vlieland tips following our memorable weekend escape.

Boutique Hotels Vlieland

Loods Hotel Vlieland - Conveniently located near the ferry on the Dorpsstraat. 27 rooms and 9 luxury rooms, some of which have a fantastic view of the Wadden Sea. Highly recommended.

What To Do Vlieland

Rent a bike! Everyone, I mean everyone, rents a bike to tour around Vlieland island. You simply can not miss the many shops that rent them out. You can go for normal bikes, tandems or, if you go with little ones, you can rent a famous Dutch cargo bike.

Vliehors Express - Take a tour with the Vliehors Expres and visit the Sahara of the North. The truck brings you all the way to the western tip of the island (where you otherwise can’t go). You can spot beautiful birds and seals and visit ‘het Reddingshuisje’. Sometimes you can even see the island Texel on the horizon.

Horse Riding: Experience the island's beauty from a different perspective by taking a guided horseback ride along the scenic trails.

Visit Oost Vlieland: Explore the charming village of Oost Vlieland, the main settlement on the island. Stroll down the Dorpsstraat, where you'll find boutique shops, cafes, restaurants, and cozy bars. Only 5 minutes away from the ferry.

The Best Restaurants Vlieland

Restaurant Zuiver - If you do one thing, book dinner at this amazing restaurant for a delicious five course surprise menu with pairing wines. Excellent choice, especially if you have dietary requirements.

Leut koffiebar and logies - The best breakfast place on the island is Leut Koffiebar. Great for lunch or just a coffee and cake too. Lots of vegetarian dishes. If you want you can book a room upstairs.

Beachclub 't Badhuys - Probably the most beautiful beach club of the island. 't Badhuys is a perfect place for a relaxing afternoon with a glass of wine and a book.

Beachclub Oost - One of the few beach clubs on the island. Oost is tiny but has a nice atmosphere and a great fish platter to share.

Bistro 't Praethuys - Cosy cafe-restaurant on the main high street; the Dorpsstraat. Great choice for pub food and a pint of beer.

Hotel, Cafe and Restaurant Posthuys - You find Posthuys on the other side of the island, a great place for lunch, coffee or a drink when cycling around the Vlieland.

How to get to Vlieland?

To get into Vlieland, you'll have to take the ferry from Harlingen. The average travel time for this route is 1½ hour for the normal ferry or 45 minutes for the fast service. The ferry goes 365 days a year. Book your ferry to Vlieland with Rederij Doeksen

Is Vlieland car free?

Cars are not allowed on Vlieland. It is best to reserve a parking spot on one of the many parking areas in Harlingen from where you take the boat to the island.

Vlieland gets busy with tourists during peak season. Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts are very popular on the island. There is also a camping and a Landal Greenparks holiday home park with cute little cottages if you want to stay a little bit longer. Just make sure to book your accommodation in advance.

Want to know more about Vlieland

Visit the official website of VVV Vlieland

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