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Tholen Zeeland Travel Guide

The island Tholen in Zeeland, the Netherlands, is only a 15 minute drive from the town Bergen op Zoom in North Brabant. It is a perfect holiday destination for those seeking tranquility and for those who want to explore the region and do active sports. Explore cute villages like Sint Maartensdijk, Tholen or Oud-Vossemeer by bike or on an old fashioned Solex. Not your thing? What about a day trip to cities like Bergen op Zoom, Goes or Yerseke.

In love with Zeeland? Have you ever been to Zeeuws Vlaanderen?

From Sint Annaland there is a beautiful cycle route with views over the water and harbours when you cycle over the dikes of the island Tholen. You cycle through cute villages like Stavenisse and Sint Maartensdijk, and you pass nature reserve The Pluimpot, the last remnant of the trench that cut the island of Tholen in two. Via Scherpenisse, Tholen and Oud-Vossemeer, where you can pay a visit to Huys van Roosevelt, you cycle through the vast polders back to Sint Annaland. The bicycle route is 34,81km. You can find more information on Do you prefer to discover the island with an old-fashioned Solex? You can rent them at Solexverhuur Tholen in Sint Annaland. Another great activity is visiting National Park Oosterschelde. Please note that almost all shops, bars, museau and restaurants on the island Tholen are closed on Sunday.

Sint Annaland, Tholen

Streekmuseum de Meestoof - Regional museum De Meestoof in Sint Annaland gives a nice overview of the past life and culture on the islands of Tholen and Sint Philipsland.

Bierensstraat 6, 4697 GE Sint-Annaland -

Thoolse Streekproductenveiling - Buy your local Tholian products via the auction clock. Every Wednesday morning and afternoon in July and August you can take a seat in the benches of the auction house and bid a good price for local fresh seasonal produce from the region. Regional products like potatoes, strawberries en apples but also things like sea lavender and real Tholian fish.When I was there the auction was closed but I heard it's good fun.

Theetuin De Jungletuin - At plant nursery Van Dijke you can buy garden plants, book a stay at mini camping De Bloementuin and have a drink in De Jungletuin tea garden. The best part, in the summer you can pick your own flowers in the flower garden. So much fun and for a very reasonable price!

Frisia Rondvaarten - Go on a seal safari with Frisia Rondvaarten. This unique experience in the Oosterschelde starts in Sint-Annaland and takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Beach Sint Annaland - A small public beach about 100 meters in length which is just what you need.

Krokant aan ’t Strand - Served from a food truck near the beach of Sint Annaland. From the same owner as Restaurant Het Packhuys in Stavenisse. Great for a drink and a snack, Conveniently located next to the harbour too.

Restaurant Buutengaets - Sint Annaland has a few nice restaurants along the waterfront like Buutengaets, located in the marina of Sint-Annaland on the island of Tholen.

Havenweg 12, 4697 RL Sint-Annaland

Sailing - From the marina in Sint-Annaland you can make sailing trips to the Grevelingenmeer with the many islands to spend the night. Or if you want more adventure, you can sail on the Oosterschelde to Zierikzee or Yerseke on the tidal waters.

Diving [Duiklocatie Sint-Annaland 73] - This is the only Diving Center on the north side of the island of Tholen and is located just outside the port of Sint-Annaland. From here you can dive in the Oosterschelde river. In the Grevelingenmeer you can dive 23 meters to the sunken sixty-meter-long ship Le Serpent. Or dive to the famous "Galleon without Poen" at Wemeldinge in the Oosterschelde. This ship wreck is 25 meters under water.

Stavenisse, Tholen

Cafe De Kleine - A small cafe in the harbour of Stavenisse, next door to Restaurant Het Packhuys.

Restaurant Het Packhuys - Het Packhuys restaurant has an excellent menu with various fish options. We went for delicious mussels. Try to get a table in the glass conservatory or on the deck outside overlooking the harbour of Stavenisse.

Watersnoodhuis Stavenisse - A smaller version of the Flood Museum, or so called 'Watersnoodmuseum' in Ouwerkerk. At the Watersnoodhuis you can also get a understanding about the North Sea Flood and Zeeland’s battle against the tide in 1953 on Tholen and Sint Philipsland.

Sint Maartensdijk, Tholen

Wegwijslokaal - In the old tourist office in Sint Maartensdijk you can find local, regional, artisanal and organic products from Zeeland. It also acts as a (tourist) information point.

Scherpenisse, Tholen

Brasserie de Zeester - Via nature reserve De Pluimpot you can cycle along the Oosterschelde river to Brasserie de Zeester. A great spot overlooking the water for drinks, lunch or dinner. You can even rent the holiday home which sleeps up to 11 people.

Ferry to Yerseke - From Brasserie de Zeester you can also take the ferry to Yerseke to visit De Oesterij where you can book a tour and visit the tasting room for delicious oysters and mussels. Please note that the ferry only goes in July and August.

Poortvliet, Tholen

Landschapscamping Kruytenburg - In the herb garden of Landschapscamping Kruytenburg you can find approximately 450 indigenous and exotic kitchen and medicinal herbs and 50 types of forgotten vegetables. There is a small entrance fee of 2,50.

Oud-Vossemeer, Tholen

Restaurant Huys van Roosevelt - Located on the market square of Oud-Vossemeer, next to the church, opposite the Roosevelt Information Center. Enjoy a drink outside in the sun on the terrace overlooking the square or go for lunch or dinner at the brasserie on the first floor and the restaurant on the second floor. Inside you'll see lots of photos about the Roosevelt family and its two famous American presidents; the story goes that the Roosevelt presidents have their roots in this village.

Roosevelt Informatiecentrum - The Roosevelt information centre presents the history of Oud-Vossemeer, the ambachtsheerlijkheid and the connection with the famous Roosevelt family.

Walking tour on the salt marshes of Sint Annaland - Bring your wellies! Walk wit a guide of Staatsbosbeheer through the vast polder landscape of Tholen. Ebb and flow determine the rhythm here, the salty air excites your nose. Don't be afraid of wet feet, the tour goes through muddy creeks and over salt marshes and mud flats. Along the way you will find plants such as sea lavender and sea aster and shellfish and other small crustaceans. A unique experience! Book in advance, check the calendar for dates. The tour begins in Oud-Vossemeer.


Vlaswiek Korenmolen De Verwachting - Walk or cycle through the Venkelstraat where near the end you'll find one of the two mills of Tholen. This is the flour mill with museum and shop.

Molen de Hoop - The other mill of Tholen

Brasserie Het Hart van Tholen - Markt 11, 4691 BX Tholen

Cities close to Tholen

Visit Bergen op Zoom, Goes or Yerseke.

Want to know more about Tholen

Visit the website of Eiland Tholen

Visit the website Hello Zeeland (Dutch)

Visit the website Het Zeeuwse Landschap (Dutch)

Visit the website of VVV Zeeland


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