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Shopping Lille France

So many great shops in Lille. You can really enjoy shopping in this city. Beautiful boutique fashion shops, vintage shops, antique shops and trendy concept stores. Lille, France is a beautiful city where everyone can have a good time for a few days.

In the Euralille shopping centre, you'll find mainly the poular brands and big chain shops. The nicest shops can be found in the old town, Vieux-Lille.

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Lille Shops

Au Bonheur de Sophie Lille

At Au Bonheur de Sophie you will find beautiful clothes and accessories. With two branches in Lille, Vieux-Lille and in the city centre, you know you're in the right place.

Au Tour De Monde Lille

Au Tour de Monde is as a travel bookstore is meant to be. You will find a huge range of travel guides, travel literature, maps and more. Well known in Lille.

Boutique Libertie Lille

What a cute shop. Boutique Libertie looks like the popular France fashion brand Sezane, or Sezane looks like Boutique Libertie. Either way, it's a little friendlier for your wallet.

Boutique L'Appartement Sézane & Octobre Lille

The Sezane Store in Lille to feel and dress like a Parisienne. Shop till you drop.

At Coco Friendly, you will find hip and trendy, sustainable and fair fashion for him and her.

El Market 

is een eco-friendly responsible fashion concept store.

Jolis Caprices Lille 

a lovely boutique for pre-loved second-hand vintage clothes on the quaint Rue Des Vieux Murs street in Vieux-Lille.

Maison Standards

Maison Standards is a very lovely and hipster fashion shop for him and her with contemporary fashion.

Persil Lille 

Persil Lille is a greengrocer, dairy, butcher, supermarket and bakery all in one.

Euralille Shopping Mall

Euralille is a state-of-the-art Westfield shopping centre located between Gare de L'Europe and Gare de Flandres in Lille. This huge shopping centre has more than 120 shops from well-known (fashion) chains.

Discover the City Guide Lille

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