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Restaurants Kortrijk Belgium

The Best Restaurants Kortrijk (Courtrai) Belgium

Who is ready for spaghetti? Classics or specials. Who knew it good be thing? Restaurant Bavet has outlets throughout Belgium.

Balthazar is a cozy café and bistro in Kortrijk with a Paris-Brussels tinted decor and an everyday bistro kitchen. Be prepapred for genuine bistro dishes in this pub. Enjoy the outside terrace on the banks of the Leie until late in the evening.

Get ready for some food, drinks and jazz. In this old factory building with vintage accents, central reading table and cozy bar you can enjoy a nice dinner, drinks and listen to beautiful jazz music.Restaurant Lily's Noodle House - A great place restaurant and bar for rice, curry or (ramen) noodels.

Happiness tastes better when shared. Restaurant Nude is hip and cosmopolitan. Make sure to book in advance. We enjoyed our spot at the bar sharing all sort of Middle-Eastern food. Get ready for a cocktail (or 2). Sister to Spicy Lemon.

Cozy dining and more freshly made spaghetti, pasta and other Italian dishes in Kortrijk. The terrace gets busy. The cosy Petit Paris cafe in Kortrijk is housed in a beautiful authentic building.

At Restaurant Parazaar in Coutrai they know how to spoil the guests with beautiful, tasty dishes, prepared with honest ingredients and seasonal products. The menu takes you on a journey around the world. Or visit the concept store Parazaar Maison.

Who ordered pizza? Excellent Italian choice.

Another local hotspot for a full Middle Eastern dinner experience. All dishes are inspired by Iranian and Persian cuisine. Sister restaurant to Nude Kortrijk.

An intimate 1 star Michelin star restaurant. Enjoy a gourmet and casual yet intimate atmosphere at Restaurant Table d'Amis in Kortrijk. Using the best ingredients and products from the region with a modern French menu. Enjoy.

Romantic dining at Restaurant Va et Vient in a historic and contemporary setting on the low bank of the river Leie in Kortrijk. Thanks to the large glass windows and the city terrace, you have a beautiful view of De Leie and the Broeltorens. Va et Vient stands for quirky and original dishes, with a prominent role for seasonal products from local growers and producers with a foreign influence here and there. Chef Matthias Speybrouck prefers to describe his style as "Rough and Refined.

The Courtrai locals love restaurant Vesper. An easy going café for a quick lunch or cozy dinner with delicious cocktails. Expect classics with a nice twist.


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