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City Guide Kortrijk Belgium

A visit to Kortrijk (Courtrai or Courtray) in Belgium is great to combine with a city trip to Ghent or when you are on your way to Lille (Rijssel), France. It is a nice destination for one or two days and has lots to offer. Kortrijk has a beautiful historic centrum and the hipster neighborhood Buda Island. Like any other Belgium city, you can also get your Belgian food and beer fix.

Note that a lot of shops are closed on Sunday. That means you have all the time in the world to go for breakfast and coffee at café Tarterie or café Malmö.

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Bed and Breakfast OYO - We had a wonderful stay at Bed and Breakfast OYO Kortrijk. B&B OYO is located in an old townhouse, situated in a quiet street and just a stone's throw away from the city centre and the Kortrijk train station. Bed and Breakfast OYO has 3 rooms: OYO, YOO and OOY. All different, all cosy.

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Breakfast and Lunch Kortrijk (Courtrai) Belgium

Kortrijk has a lot to offer for coffee, breakfast, brunch or lunch. On the Jozef Vandaleplein (my favourite square) near the beautiful St Maartens Church you'll find the Allo Croquette, Bar Jef and La Cantine amongst other. Or visit café Tarterie located at the Grote Markt.

Buda Island is the creative part of Kortrijk. Here you'll find some great places in the Buda Street. Sit down at De KleinKeuken, deDingen or Buda Kitchen.

Allo Croquette - At lunchbar Allo Croquette you can get the the tasties croquettes. Located at the corner of the Jozef Vandaleplein and the Grijze Zustersstraat.

La Cantine - Byttebier La Cantine is house in a beautiful historic building. A great restaurant for coffee and food. Also visit Chapter 4, a beautiful store for gifts, home decoration, books and games.

Courgette - A lunchbar and shop where you can eat homemade vegetarian lunches. All made with local products from small-scale organic farms in Kortrijk and the surrounding areas. You can also buy the vegetables, fruit, herbs, dairy, etc. that are freshly harvested. On the outskirts of the town.

Restaurant De KleinKeuken - A vegan restaurant were we had a great lunch in the Budastraat. They have a small outside terrace. We enjoyed our vegan lunch and juice. Café De Dingen, Art Pub De Doedelzak and Buda Kitchen are next door.

Malmo Bar & Bakery - Malmo gets busy and that is for a reason. The location is perfect, with a terrace view of the river Leie. Malmo is a Scandinavian inspired coffee- and lunchbar. On Sunday's they only serve (unlimited) breakfast brunch. Reserve on time. Next door you'll also find the concept store with cute gifts. We really enjoyed this place.

WOW Salads - At salad bar WOW you get healthy self composed salads made fresh daily. Located at the Jozef Vandaleplein healthy dishes are made fresh daily and with a lot of love.

Tarterie - The most delicious artisan pies and quiches are prepared at artisan bakery & café Tarterie. Located on the Grote Markt overlooking the Belfry. A perfect pit stop during one of your walks exploring Kortrijk.

Wafel Atelier - Get your fix of Liège and Brussels waffles. There are pancakes and ice cream too.

Coffee Bar Kortrijk (Courtrai) Belgium

Huyze Begga - When you walk around the Beguinage of Kortrijk, you will automatically pass the Huyze Begga tearoom. Relax on the terrace in the summer or sit inside for a cup of coffee. On Sundays there is also an extensive breakfast buffet.

Follie en Koffie - A great combination of a coffee lounge and a concept store full of brocante and vintage items gives it all a nice and cosy atmosphere. Go for breakfast, coffee or an afternoon tea. Every first Saturday of the month Follie and Koffie is open as a crochet café. They also organise workshops.

Bar Jef - A small cosy café for coffee or a drink on the Jozef Vandaleplein. Open Thursday - Saturday.

Julia's - Close to the station you'll find Julia's. Great for coffee, breakfast or lunch. A cosy bar busy with travellers.

Malmo Bar & Bakery - Malmo is a Scandinavian inspired coffee- and lunchbar. On Sunday's they only serve (unlimited) breakfast brunch. Reserve on time. Next door you'll also find the concept store with cute gifts. We really enjoyed this place.

Kaffee Renee - Coffee, tea, juices and more. Kaffee at Renee is great. A lovely atmosphere with breakfast on the weekends.

Cocktail, Wine Bars and Pubs Kortrijk (Courtrai) Belgium

Barcyclette - a cosy café with a living room feel. Sit down with a coffee and a book or come down later in the day for a beer or wine.

Winebar and Boutique Ernest - Winebar and shop Ernest is located at the Grote Markt. Tasty wines and snacks for a perfect afternoon or cosy evening.

deDingen - A coffee bar, brunch and breakfast bar that changes into a cosy brown pub in the evening. It really feels like a second living room.

Cocktail Bar Jules - Open from Monday - Saturday evening. Located inside the renovated Parkhotel. Enjoy an aperatif in the loungebar or a cocktail outside on the terrace. Undoubtly a great place to relax.

't Fonteintje - Eetcafé 't Fonteintje is one of the oldest pubs in Kortrijk with a simple, tasty and always fresh kitchen. With a Summer terrace on the Leie with a view of the Broeltorens.

Restaurant Bavet Kortrijk - Who is ready for spaghetti? Classics or specials. Who knew it good be thing. Bavet has outlets throughout Belgium.

Balthazar Kortrijk - Balthazar is a cozy café and bistro with a Paris-Brussels tinted decor and an everyday bistro kitchen.Be prepapred for genuine bistro dishes in this pub. Enjoy the outside terrace on the banks of the Leie until late in the evening.

Kaffee Damast - Get ready for some food, drinks and jazz. In this old factory building with vintage accents, central reading table and cozy bar you can enjoy a nice dinner, drinks and listen to beautiful jazz music. Restaurant Lily's Noodle House - A great place restaurant and bar for rice, curry or (ramen) noodels.

Restaurant Nude Kortrijk - Happiness tastes better when shared. Restaurant Nude is hip and cosmopolitan. Make sure to book in advance. We enjoyed our spot at the bar sharing all sort of Middle-Eastern food. Get ready for a cocktail (or 2). Sister to Spicy Lemon.

Petit Paris - Cozy dining and more freshly made spaghetti, pasta and other Italian dishes in Kortrijk. The terrace gets busy. This cosy cafe is housed in a beautiful authentic building.

Restaurant Parazaar - Here they know how to spoil the guests with beautiful, tasty dishes, prepared with honest ingredients and seasonal products. The menu takes you on a journey around the world. Or visit the concept store Parazaar Maison.

Pizzeria Sofia - Who ordered pizza? Excellent Italian choice.

Spicy Lemon - Another local hotspot for a full Middle Eastern dinner experience. All dishes are inspired by Iranian and Persian cuisine. Sister restaurant to Nude Kortrijk.

Restaurant Table d’Amis - An intimate Michelin star restaurant in Kortrijk.

Restaurant Va et Vient - Gourmet dining in a historic and contemporary setting on the lowered banks of the river Leie in Kortrijk.

Restaurant Vesper - The locals love Vesper. An easy going café for a quick lunch or cozy dinner with delicious cocktails. Expect classics with a nice twist.

The Best Shops Kortrijk (Courtrai) Belgium

Boekenhuis Theoria - A very well known bookshop in Kortrijk and surroundings. Bookshop Theoria is located in a beautiful historic building and the perfect escape for book lovers (with or without spending time at the coffee bar).

Byttebier Chapter 4 - Byttebier is a one-of-a kind concept store full of books, plants, home accessories and fair fashion. The shop and the (take-away) lunch restaurant La Cantina are housed at the Jozef Vandaleplein

Ceramic Stories - A cozy ceramic workshop in the heart of Kortrijk. You can learn how to make pottery or buy something from the playful ceramics collection in the shop.

De Beste Kamer - At the De Beste Kamer store you will find furniture, home decoration and lighting from Scandinavian labels such as HAY, Muuto, Ferm Living and Normann Copenhagen.

De Inkijk - The inKijk is a hipster concept store in Kortrijk with a view to sustainable, local and ecological design. Shop till you drop. For yourself or a nice gift for a friend.

De Vreemde Eend - At this store you'll find quirky home decoration, gifts and accessories.

Madame Cézanne - A cool, afforadoble and unique fashion shop in Kortrijk full with colourful clothing. Also open on Sunday afternoon.

Non Moodshop - A cool design and fashion concept store run by mother and daugther. Something different for everyone. Stories About - A storytelling store in lifestyle home, gifts, fashion & accessories. There mission isto inspire and turn shopping into an experience.

Twee Kortrijk - A multi-brand store with high-quality women's clothing, from timeless classics to the latest trends.

Zonder Meer bio, eco & fair shop - A packaging-free organic store in Kortrijk. Eating, drinking, caring for, living, maintenance... and as packaging-free as possible. Bring your own bags, jars, boxes and bottles and reduce your ecological footprint.

The Best Things To Do in Kortrijk (Courtrai)? Belgium

City Walk Historic Centrum – Start your walk at the Grote Markt where you have a view of the Belfort tower and the Stadhuis. Continue you walk via the Sint Maartenskerk and the Sint Maartenstoren. The 83 meter high tower is the perfect place to admire the skyline of Kortrijk and is free to visit. Also visit the beautiful Beguinage that dates from the 13th century. Huyze Begga is a great place for coffee or lunch but can be a bit crowded with tourists. Take a rest at the Jozef Vandaleplein where you'll find great places for lunch or a drink too.

Kortrijk Buda-Island & Leieboorden (Broeltorens) - Buda-Island and & Leieboorden are hipster and new. Go for drinks, food or shopping to the Buda Street where you'll find some great places like De KleinKeuken, deDingen or Buda Kitchen. The lower banks of the Leieboorden, with a view of the Broel towers and Buda Beach are the local attraction in the summer.

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