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La Cordialité Apartment, Ault France

Enchantée La Cordialité! You can find La Cordialité Apartment in Ault, Baie de Somme. Maybe a little bit less known but certainly a great place to visit in Northern France.

We stayed at Appartment 1 Vue de Mer which is designed for two people (and a little one). The apartment is renovated beautifully and has all the convenience you need. However, the bedroom with bathroom en-suite and walk-in shower is a little bit small.

The private terrace with deckchairs gives you additional space that is needed with an enchanting evening sea view. With only 200m away from the sea there is nothing else to wish for.

Apartment 2 Vue de Mer is slightly bigger and can accommodate 4 people (with 2 bedrooms). Check out the La Cordialité Instagram feed for beautiful pictures of both apartments.

Looking for an Airbnb in Ault France? Book La Cordiality.

Where is Ault in Normandy France?

Ault is a small French seaside village located in the North of France in the Baie de Somme department of the french region Picardie famous for it cliffs. The village lies between the beautiful chalk cliffs of Petit Caux and the majestic Baie de Somme. Places to visit in the area are Le Treport, Le Touquet, Le Crotoy and Dieppe.

Ault, like many coastal towns in France, experienced a surge in popularity as a seaside resort destination. In Ault you'll find many elegant villas and hotels characterized by ornate architecture, reflecting the opulence and grandeur of Ault's Belle Époque.

Walking Cliffs in Ault

The walk from Ault to Mers-les-Bains offers a picturesque coastal experience along the cliffs of the Picardy coast in northern France. This scenic route provides breathtaking views of the English Channel. Along the way, walkers can enjoy the fresh sea air and may even spot local wildlife, making it a delightful trek for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful seaside escape.

The Best Restaurants in Ault?

Hotel Restaurant Le Cise - This beautiful hotel and restaurant in Ault France has beautiful rooms with sea views, spa and sauna.

Restaurant Le Saint Pierre - Oh The Moules. Delicious. Busy for a reason.

Restaurant L'Horizon - Fish and seafood specialties and what a view!


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