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City Guide Bratislava Slovakia

Do I recommend visiting Bratislava in Slovakia? It depends. If you do a similar tour of Central/Eastern Europe as I did (Warsaw, Krakow, Bratislava, Vienna, Brno, Prague) then the answer is yes. Bratislava is an easy stopover and you can easily spend a day here. The city may be the ugly duck compared to metropolises like Vienna and Prague, but like other upcoming cities it does have nice coffee and lunch spots, restaurants and wine bars. For the real culture deal, you have to go to Vienna, Budapest or Prague though. Vienna is about 1 hour away by bus / 2 hours by train.

Breakfast and Lunch Bratislava

Enjoy Bistro - At Bistro Enjoy you get quality, fresh ingredients, food and coffee wise. Perfect for homemade cakes and coffees, but also for a healthy breakfast or lunch.

Fach Bistro - A Bistro, Bakery and Juice Shop under one roof. Enjoy sourdough pastries with speciality coffee, cold pressed juices and a deliciously tasty menu in their Bistro. Fach is highly recommended.

Oli's Corner - Oh Oli, we like you a lot. Live like a local and go to Oli's bakery bistro, a

bistro with a large round table, a bakery and a small shop with local products. Top favourite.

Bistro St. Germain - Bistro St Germain works with Craftsmanship, seasonal flavours and exceptional taste. A French cafe with joie de vivre. Love it. Look at the dishes on Instagram.

Coffee Bratislava

Black Coffee Bratislava - Black Coffee café on the green roof of the OC Centrál shopping centre in Bratislava. From the top of the building you have a great view of the green surroundings with a cup of excellent coffee. Perfect for a day of indoor shopping.

Good Times Coffee Roasters - With three locations in Bratislava, you will have good times at this coffeeshop. The brick walls are a plus. Or coffee that changes the rules of the game as they say so themselves.

Grāo - loved my coffee and sweet treat at coffeebar Grāo. Also open for a glass of wine.

Kaviareň Vták - Delicious coffee and home made cakes, love the interior too.

Lab Cafe - I love the concept of Lab Cafe. A place to get a coffee brew and a workshop in one. For everyone that feels creative (or just pretends it to be).

Oli's Corner - Oh Oli, we like you a lot. Live like a local and go to Oli's bakery bistro, a

bistro with a large round table, a bakery and a small shop with local products. Top favourite.

Soren - Good coffee and jummy pastries. Located just outside oldtown.

Restaurants Bratislava

Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant - Touristy or not (it felt like a mix of both locals and tourists) this is a nice restaurant to try Slovakian cuisine. The atmosphere of a bierstube with dark green furniture but nevertheless tasty food that won't break the bank.

Fach Restaurant - a modern unique restaurant and bar serving quality food and wine, great coffee and delicious home baked bread and pastries with vegan juice shop. Love the interior and the trees. Top tip.

Marina Bistro - Coffee, wine and gastro delicacies created with love from morning to night.

Wine bar Viecha Naturalnych - I really enjoyed having wine and snack at this wine bar. It felt urban, young and hipster. With cosy corners, high chairs and a big terrace outside. It was crowded when I was there and it certainly had good vibes.

Things To Do Bratislava

Old Town (Staré Mesto) - Bratislava's historic centre is filled with charming streets, squares, and beautiful buildings. Visit the Old Town Gate, St Martin's Cathedral, Old Town Hall, the Primate's Palace, and stroll through the picturesque streets.

Bratislava Castle (Bratislavský hrad) - This iconic castle offers stunning views of the city and the Danube.

Blue St. Elisabeth's Church - This unique, Art Nouveau church is famous for its blue colour and fairytale appearance. It is one of the most photographed buildings in Bratislava.

Slavín Memorial - This impressive monument and military cemetery commemorates the Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Bratislava in World War II. It also offers great views over the city. A bit of a roundabout walk though and outside the city.

Statues in Bratislava - Meet Handsome Naci, a stylish man in a suit with a cane and top hat; Cumil (Rubberneck), who peeks curiously out of a manhole; a Napoleon soldier, who leans casually over a bench; and Hans Christian Andersen, a famous storyteller.

Nedbalka Gallery - a beautiful and small modern art gallery.

Devin Castle - The ruins of this castle, built on a high rock where the Danube and Morava rivers meet, are one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Central Europe. The views are enchanting.

Do the city tour walk and get yourself a gelato at Arthur Ice Cream.

My trip through Central/Eastern Europe took me to Warsaw, Krakow, Bratislava, Vienna, Brno and Prague. If you have similar plans, discover all my city trip guides here.


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