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Boutique Hotel Champagne Collery

In addition to its exceptional Champagnes, Champagne Collery also has a boutique hotel that offers a luxurious retreat in the heart of the Champagne region in the French village Ay. The hotel is designed to provide guests with an intimate and exclusive experience, combining modern comforts with classic elegance.

Address: 7 Rue Jules Lobet, 51160 Ay, France

Boutique hotel Champagne Collery offers all the luxury and tranquillity for a wonderfully relaxing stay in the Champagne region. The hotel has only 4 rooms: Hemingway Room, Chambre de Maitre, English Cottage Room and the Jardin à La Campagne Room.

The outdoor terrace and rooftop terrace of Boutique Hotel Collery offer stunning views of the garden, creating a serene and picturesque ambiance. These terraces provide the perfect setting to sip a glass of Champagne, blending tranquility with luxury.

Hotel Room Jardin à La Campagne Room

The reason why we chose this room? The view! The soft colours of this room and the flora of the green and lush garden can been seen through the window. Pure bliss.

Breakfast Boutique Hotel Collery Champagne

In the reception room downstairs, guests enjoy breakfast together at one large table, creating a cozy atmosphere. We enjoyed fresh coffee, juices, croissants, pain au chocolate and everything else you need for your weekend breakfast experience.

The village Aÿ is a picturesque village in the Champagne region of France, renowned for its prestigious vineyards producing some of the finest Champagne wines. With its charming streets and historic wine houses, Ay offers a quintessential experience of the Champagne region and culture.

For lunch and/or dinner, go to Restaurant Avarum (highly recommended!), Rôtisserie Henry IV (with a nice outdoor terrace) or traiteur La Frigousse (to take away or eat in, also with an outdoor terrace in front of a nice little square).

The museum Pressoria - Voyage sensoriel au coeur du Champagne is a perfect Sunday morning activity, offering a sensory journey through the world of Champagne. Look, feel, smell and listen. Of course, you finish with tasting, two delicious glasses of champagne.

Do you want to discover the Champagne region by bike? You can rent bikes at Pedal 'n' Pop.

Champagne houses Aÿ Champagne

  • Champagne Henri Giraud - This Champagne house was founded in 1625 and is well known in the region. Book a tour. Be sure to have a resarvation. Nice option for Sunday mornings.

  • Champagne Bollinger

  • Champagne Gatinois

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