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Bed and Breakfast OYO Kortrijk Belgium

Hiya, OYO! Bed and Breakfast OYO is the perfect place to explore the city Kortrijk and the beautiful Leiestreek in Belgium. Explore the City Guide Courtrai.

This Bed and Breakfast in Coutrai is located in an old townhouse, situated in a quiet street and just a stone's throw away from the city centre of Kortrijk and the Kortrijk train station. The perfect location to explore the city.

Bed and Breakfast OYO has 3 rooms: OYO, YOO and OOY. All different, all cosy.

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OOY Room - a light and airy room to relax

The OOY room is a light and cosy room, great for relaxing. In the afternoon, the sunlight makes its way through the blinds, leaving a striped pattern on the chalk painted walls and wooden floors. That hit me ;-) Me and my friend booked this one.

YOO Room - upcycled nostalgia

The YOO room has a touch of industrial nostalgia combined with a rough edge. Come and rest here for a while. The ergonomic beds can be put separately or joined together, you decide. You have a garden view with 100 year old trees.

OYO Room - ready for romance (with a bath)

The OYO room is perfect to take a long hot relaxing bath. Then snuggle up under the sheets, inside your little nook. Close the curtains and enjoy the moment.

OYO Kortrijk also has 2 apartments to book.

Apartment 1 is a one bedroom apartment. Rainshower all your worries away. Set your inner chef free. Enjoy a movie on the big sofa, then rest your head on the pillow.

Apartment 2 is the mezzanine apartment. – You’re overlooking the lush green from the terrace, a glass of wine in hand. No need to dine out, let’s get cooking. Relax on the sofa, grab a hot shower, then snuggle up in the mezzanine bedroom.

Living Room

The living room has a cosy sitting area with a colourful sofa, big chair and a hocker. The room offers books and magazines and other quirky objects. You can also sit outside on the small terrace to listen to the birds. Breakfast is also served here, which you can book for 20 euro per person. We decided to go into town for breakfast though and went to Malmo, a coffee and conceptstore. Book in advance for the breakfast brunch buffet on Sunday.

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