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Bergen & Bergen aan Zee Travel Guide

Cute villages Bergen and Bergen aan Zee in North Holland are the perfect destination for a mini road trip with only a 45 minute drive from Amsterdam.

I was luckily enough to stay at Zomerhuis de Tuynkamer, a wooden romantic cabin with a Scandinavian look and feel. We explored the artists' village Bergen with the historic part of the village around the church square. In the afternoon, we went to Bergen aan Zee for a stroll on the beach. The seaside resort is only a three minutes away from Bergen. Here you'll find the beaches and beach clubs. North of Bergen, you have the Schoorlse Duinen, the widest dune area in the Netherlands.

Where to sleep in Bergen, North Holland

Zomerhuis de Tuynkamer - Highly recommended. This cute romantic cottage with Scandinavian look and feel make you want to stay forever. Beautiful surroundings. Who doesn't want to wake up from the birds singing in the morning? Pure bliss. Oude Natteweg 35 1862 CV Bergen, Netherlands -

Restaurants in Bergen, North Holland

Bergen Binnen - Breelaan 130, 1861 GH Bergen, The Netherlands

Cunst - Kleine Dorpsstraat 1, 1861 KN Bergen, The Netherlands

De Ware Jacob - Jan Jacoblaan 3, 1861 LJ Bergen, The Netherlands

Fabel's Eten & Drinken - Oude Prinsweg 9, 1861 CS Bergen, The Netherlands

Onder De Linde -Prinsesselaan 22, 1861 EN Bergen, The Netherlands

The Bourbon Room - Jan Oldenburglaan 7, 1861 JS Bergen, The Netherlands

Breakfast, Coffee or Lunch in Bergen, North Holland

Bij Merel - Plein 75, 1861 JX Bergen, The Netherlands

ECHT food - Oude Prinsweg 5, 1861 CS Bergen, The Netherlands

Organic Food for You - Nesdijk 20b, 1861 MK Bergen, The Netherlands

Beach Clubs in Bergen aan Zee, North Holland

Strandpaviljoen Noord - C.F. Zeiler Boulevard 3, 1865 BB Bergen aan Zee, The Netherlands Strandtent Noorderlicht - Strandpaal 32 – 1862 VL Bergen aan Zee, The Netherlands

De Jongens - C.F. Zeiler Boulevard, 1865 BB Bergen aan Zee, The Netherlands

Shops in Bergen, North Holland

Bergerac - A very cool gift, home goods and furniture store. Ruïnelaan 7, 1861 LK Bergen, The Netherlands -

Concept Store PT Post - A beautiful concept store with lots of cool clothing brands, accessories, books, gifts and more. Oude Prinsweg 23, 1861 CS Bergen, The Netherlands -

Eerste Bergensche Boekhandel - I always support local book shops. Oude Prinsweg 11, 1861 CS Bergen, Netherlands -

L'Etoile - Another fabulous home goods store. Ruïnelaan 12, 1861 LL Bergen, Netherlands -

Stadspaviljoen Noord - An amazing shop! I like everything. From the same owners as Beach Pavilion Noord. Plein 63, 1861 JX Bergen, Netherlands -

What To Do in Bergen, North Holland

Bergen is a real artists' village and known for the art movement 'De Bergense School' (the Bergen School) It is characterised by an expressionist style, influenced by cubism. View works at the Kranenburgh Museum.

Museum Kranenburgh - Cozy art museum exhibiting 20th- & 21st-century works in a modern interior with a cafe & garden. Hoflaan 26, 1861 CR Bergen, Netherlands -

Noordhollands Duinreservaat - Is one of the largest nature reserves in the Netherlands. The area stretches from Schoorlse Duinen to Wijk Aan Zee. Coastal nature reserve with beach, dunes, forest areas & a cycle path. Schoorlse Duinen - The widest dune area in the Netherlands with a variety of dense forests, lakes and heath land. Great for hiking, running or cycling in beautiful nature surroundings.

Want to know more about Bergen aan Zee, North Holland

Visit the website of Bergen aan Zee


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