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A day trip to Heusden

Only a 15 minutes drive from Den Bosch you'll find the charming village Heusden, a fortified town near the river Maas in the Netherlands.

The history of Heusden dates back from 1200, the early Middle Ages and has no fewer than 186 buildings with monumental status according to the register of National Monuments . This picturesque little town has all you need for a nice little day trip; cobbled streets and narrow alleyways, age-old buildings with beautiful facades and cute boutique shops, bars and restaurants. Wander the streets around the harbour and the city wall and pay a visit to the Governor's House. Have you noticed the many art galleries?

What to do in Heusden

Bakkertje Deeg - A cute little bakery with a lunch room. Try the delicious Apple Beignets. Botermarkt 13, 5256 AV Heusden

Brocante Flea Market - Every first Saturday of the month from March to December. On the Burchtplein in Heusden. Free entrance!

De Waterdrager - Try local liquor from Heusden. Engstraat 12, 5256 BD Heusden

Zin in Boeken - We always support local independent bookstores. Botermarkt 12, 5256 AV Heusden

Beautiful cobbled street in Heusden

Engstraat in Heusden

The town Heusden

Heeren van Heusden building

Harbour view and windmill Heusden

Other places to visit near Heusden

Want to know more about Heusden

Visit the website of Heusden

Visit the website of North-Brabant


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