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East Flanders Travel Guide

East Flanders in Belgium borders the Dutch province of Zeeland and the Flemish province of Antwerp, Flemish Brabant, Hainaut and West Flanders. This region is full of surprises. What to think of a stay at Arck B&B or Pastorie Balegem? Cycle or walk along the Durme or the Schelde and pay a visit to distillery Van Damme. And because the East Flanders region is fringed by Bruges to the west and the Antwerp and Brussels to the east it is also the perfect place to visit these bustling cities. Enjoy!

Bed and Breakfasts East Flanders, Belgium

Boutique Bed and Breakfast ARCK B&B in Tielrode, Belgium is a design match made in heaven and a perfect stay for a weekend of slow travel. As soon as you arrive you feel the pure and serene energy of this well thought through designed bed and breakfast. Now rebrandend and named Logieslogees. A hidden gem between Gent, Antwerp and Brussels. Kaaistraat 23, 9140 Temse, Belgium -

This wonderful Bed and Breakfast is housed in a former rectory and full of design furniture with a minimal aesthetic (Eames and HAY). Another real hidden gem. Pastorie Balegem is conveniently located in the Flemish Ardennes situated in the triangle Bruges, Brussels and Ghent. A perfect escape for those visiting one of the cities or those longing for nature and the Belgium countryside. Pastorieberg 2, 9860 Oosterzele, Belgium -

Restaurants in East Flanders, Belgium

Bistro Bar De Brabander te Tielrode - Beer lovers will undoubtedly indulge themselves in this old brewery. You can also enjoy a nice lunch or a simple dinner.

Sint-Jozefstraat 2C – 9140 Tielrode -

Restaurant De Soetekoeke - Around the corner from Distellery Van Damme. A picturesque location and a favourite in the area. The restaurant is great for a dinner or a Sunday lunch.

Issegem 14, 9860 Oosterzele, Belgium -

Organic Goat Farm De Volle Maan - Organic Goat Farm, Cheese Shop and B&B in one. A great place to pick up some fresh cheese, dates, bread and organic wine for a pick nick.

IJshoutestraat 70, 9520 Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium -

Bistro/Café Oud Munte - A little surprise in this small village. Fully booked on a Saturday night, that tells you something. We had delicious dinner in a cozy atmosphere.

Munteplein 7, 9820 Merelbeke, Belgium -

Fun Things To Do in East Flanders, Belgium

Art Deco walk Sint Niklaas - Sint-Niklaas is a leader in this remarkable architectural style. This walk leads you along the most beautiful art deco treasures in the city.

Cycle or walk along the Durme or the Schelde - Plan your cycling route only and use Cycle along banks, mudflats and salt marshes around the picturesque so-called 'Stille Watersdorpen' (villages). Take the ferry, enjoy the view and eat eel in one of the many eateries near the waterfront. You can also choose to walk the 'Roomakker' walkingroute of 9km. The old clay pits are now a beautiful nature reserve of 12 hectares.

Distillery Van Damme - What a feast! Cake, pancakes, tiramisu, served with coffee and typical locally artisanal brewed Balegemse jenever and / or advocaat (a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar, and brandy).The seventh generation is at the helm of distillery Van Damme since 1862. Issegem 2, 9860 Oosterzele, Belgium -

Flemish Ardeness (Vlaamse Ardennen) - I am in love with the Belgian countryside and the Flemish ardennes are the reason why. This hilly region in the south of the province of East Flanders, Belgium with its rural hilly landscapes with hilltop bluebell woodlands, windmills and watermills is the perfect reason for a romantic getaway.

Plan Bier - 12 cycling routes and 9 walking routes along more than 200 regional beer cafés and 40 breweries offered by Tourism East Flanders. A wonderful thing to do in the Belgian countryside.

Rijk Bos Bloemen - An organic flower farm. Great to pick your own flowers. You need a subscription service or you can buy a 30 euro voucher to pick 20 flowers. Therefore, make sure to book in advance. Rijkbos 46, 9620 Zottegem, Belgium -

Rent a vespa in Beveren Gentseweg 365 - 9120 Beveren -

Verbeke Foundation - A private art initiative where culture, nature and ecology come together. There is an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art to discover. With 12 hectares (29.7 acres) of scenic area and 20,000 m2 (4,9 acres) of covered industrial sheds and greenhouses, the Foundation is one of the largest private initiatives for contemporary art throughout Europe. Westakker z/n - 9190 Kemzeke (Stekene), Belgium-

Winery Estate Valke Vleug - A hedonistic and contemporary wine farm in harmony with the local traditions and environment, Wine estate Valke Vleug is surrounded with a beautiful Flemish primeval landscape, vineyards and refined architecture. You can enjoy wine and gourmet tastings and guided tours. Check the agenda for all other activities. There is something for everyone. Achterheide 21, 2870 Puurs, Belgium -

Shops in East Flanders, Belgium

Delicatesse Van Poeck - Buy your coffee or tea online at Coffee Roaster, tea specialist and delicatessen Van Poeck, with yummy sweet and salty delicacies too.

Stationsstraat 38, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium -

Hidden te Tielrode - We all love a bit of 'me' time. Hidden is a true gem where you can book any combination of treatments for an ultimate beauty experience. Divine.

Antwerpsesteenweg 2, 9140 Temse, Belgium -

Pêche Fashion - For your essential wardrobe. Timeless, on trend and minimal fashion with a twist. Please swing by. Nieuwstraat 4, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium -

Soshun - A concept store with clothing, jewelry, leather goods, crockery, gifts, stationery and a large selection of organic teas. Groenlaan 11, 9550 Herzele, Belgium -

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