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Texel Travel Guide

Texel is the biggest Dutch Wadden Island out of the five that are inhabited and famous for its sheep's cheese and own Texel beer. There are seven villages, a few beaches and nature reserves to discover. The good news is that all Wadden Islands are easy to reach by ferry. You could easily visit more than one island when you have time. A ferry goes from Texel to Vlieland for example. We also explored Vlieland and to be honest that island has my preference (it's so cute!).

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How to go to Texel?

You can easily travel to Texel by car. The Teso ferry boat between port Den Helder and Texel island runs every hour and will take you to there in about 20 minutes. The ferry tickets can be booked in advance via the website of the Teso ferry company. More information about public transport on the island Texel.

Where to stay on Texel?

De Pelikaan vakantiewoningen - Part of the Pelikaan group, you'll find ten luxurious holiday homes spread across various locations on the island Texel. These luxury villas can accommodate 4, 6 or 8 people. We stayed at the beautiful 6-person island lodge the Gouden Rijder in Oosterend, a converted farmer house. Pick up your keys at Hotel De Pelikaan.

The Gouden Rijder lodge Pelikaan Holiday Homes on Texel

Where to eat on Texel?

Beach Pavillion Kaap Noord - Open all year round and a perfect place for a hot chocolate or a hot toddy after a walk on the beach. We went for dinner in the evening as it is convenient located close to Oosterend.

De Oude Vismarkt (The Old Fish Market) - A specialty fish food market around the corner from the harbour which has a complete range of fresh, smoked and pan fried fish on offer. Sit in or take away.

Freya de Texelse Bodega - A cute tiny restaurant serving Texel lamb among others. It was closed when we visited the island but I heard good stories about this bodega. So good that reservations are a must.

Lokaal 16 - A nice cosy little spot for coffee or lunch in Den Burg.

't Pakhuus - This restaurant was highly recommended by quite a few people. You can expect delicious fresh fish from the sea. The restaurant is situated in the harbor of Oudeschild. Order the plateau de fruits de mer or go for a 5, 6 or 7 course surprise menu with pairing wines. A real treat for fish food lovers.

De Oude Vismarkt in Oudeschild on Texel
Restaurant t Pakhuus in Oudeschild on Texel

Shops to visit on Texel

Stek Conceptstore - A fabulous concept store full of plants, flowers, green, furniture and home accessories and other trinkets.

Texelana - A store with beautiful sheep wool products where you can find products such as duvets, sheepskins, clothing, slippers and much more. They have three outlets in Den Burg, De Koog and Oudeschild.

Things To Do on Texel

Dunes of Texel National Park - A national park located on the western side of the island Texel in the Netherlands. Go for a walk in The Slufter, book a bird watching tour, go cycling or visit seal sanctuary Ecomare. Enough to do.

Nature Reserve The Slufter - A beautiful famous nature reserve made up of beaches, dunes and a large salt marsh positioned between two sand dikes. The Slufter is dissected by a creek system which extends far inland. Only the southern part of the Slufter is accessible for walking.

Ecomare - Nature museum, aquarium & bird and seal sanctuary in one. Great for kids.

Texel Lighthouse - The 150-year old bright read lighthouse is located in the north of Texel near the village Cocksdorp. Go for a walk on the beach of climb up the tower for a beautiful view of Texel and neighboring island Vlieland. Only worthwhile when the weather is nice.

Texel Brewery - Texel is famous for its own beer brewery producing the famous Skuumkoppe. Book a guided tour which includes tasting four different Texel beers samples at the end.

The Texel Oyster man - If you love oysters you should join 'the Oyster Man of Texel' for a guided oyster-gathering excursion. You'll pick your own oysters and can even take some home. The best part, cracking them and eating them with a glass of bubbles.

Texel Lighthouse near the village Cocksdorp

Places to visit on Texel

Den Burg - The biggest village on the island. We really enjoyed it. A lot of great shops, good restaurants and lunch rooms and cute little side streets. It even has a nice cinema.

Den Hoorn - Located on the south side of the island. We didn't visit this village but its home to the most photographed object on Texel: the famous Reformed church.

Oudeschild - A charming village. When you are craving fish you should go for dinner at fish restaurant 't Pakhuus in the harbour. Or when you want a quick bite visit the Old Fish Market. Another great thing to do is to book a two hours shrimp fishing tour.

De Koog - I was told that this is the perfect place to be in the summer with all its nice beach pavilions, bars, cafes and restaurants. We visited in winter time so didn't explore the village but will definitely do next time in the summer.

Oosterend - One of the most beautiful village on the island Texel. Our holiday home is located in this town. You'll find picturesque streets and alleys with beautiful façades.

De Waal - The smallest village of the island with a friendly atmosphere. Here you can visit Museum Waelstee to learn more about the history of Texel.

De Cocksdorp - Not much happening in this village if you ask me. However it is convenient located nearby the 150-year old lighthouse and Beach Pavillion Kaap Noord. From here you can also take the ferry to the island Vlieland.

Street view of Den Burg on Texel
Street view corner of Den Burg on Texel

Good to know about Texel

Unlike on the island of Vlieland you can drive your car on the island Texel. However, it is also a great island to explore by bike which you can rent for the day or weekend at various places.

Want to know more about Texel

For more information visit the local Texel website

More information about the Wadden Sea islands

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